Sally & Stan, Albany, NY

Well, a Nobel Peace Prize Might Be Too Much . . .

A “purrfectly” happy update for you. As you can see by this picture, Spider (foreground) and Scooter are enjoying each other’s company in the morning sun. This is a first–they’ve NEVER hung-out before and we know this change in their behavior was only made possible after our consultation and email follow-ups with you.

We’ve incorporated all of the techniques you shared with us–(advice removed) and we’re all sleeping peacefully at night too. Scooter used to “stalk & patrol” Spider 24/7, leaving all of us pooped and bewildered; to the point that we had to separate them at night and whenever we were outside our home .. even in the yard! But no more! Spider is back to normal: jumping, eating/drinking and Scooter is a happy little guy again–more relaxed, playful and the only thing he stalks now is (behavior advice removed).)

All the best,