Sandra S.

Dear Clinic Team, We are no longer at our wits end!! After years o vet visits (she was NOT sick) and a few other behaviorists, finally, with your expertise (which is far above everyone else we worked with), Sasha’s 3 year urination rampage issue has now ended. It’s been 6 weeks and she has not urinated outside of the litter box once! I can hardly believe that I can type this and that I don’t have plastic on my furniture anymore. As you remember she was urinating on every piece of furniture and there was just no rhyme or reason. She is also a happier cat and playful again. We obviously didn’t understand her behaviorally. We have told everyone about you and our vet’s office. Thank goodness for you and your priceless expertise, I just wish we would have found you sooner. Also, I wanted to ask you about adopting another cat. Can we schedule another call mid-March? Best, Sandra S. and Sasha Los Angeles, California Phone Consultation 2020