Sarah, California

Aggression Can Be Entrenched and Complex, But Patience Perseveres

Just an update: Things seem to be going pretty well right now, so I haven’t introduced any new components. The downstairs litter boxes are enjoyed by all, so Lindsey doesn’t get chased down the stairs and rarely ventures upstairs to be fed. I come down to feed her first each morning, but she sometimes wanders up on her own for seconds. I figure if she does that voluntarily despite all her needs being met on the main floor, that’s her decision to make!

I (advice removed) (at least while I’m around). It’s not extinguished, but it’s much rarer than before. Lindsey often wanders into the living room even knowing the kittens are there, and she’s back to sleeping on a favorite armchair in there. I’ve seen the kittens “muscle” her out of it, so they can sleep there, but as often as not, she leaves without their being aggressive at all. She behaved the same way with JJ– she deferred to him as a fact of life. He rarely did anything provocative once they’d both grown to adulthood.

I really think the (advice removed) made a big difference in attitude among all three cats.

Thanks again. I’ll keep you posted.

Sarah, California cat behavior consulting client