Sharon W. Greenwich, Connecticut

We’ll Show You, Too, How to Perfect the Kitty Bathroom Remodel

Junior wanted me to email you and tell you thank you for telling me how to fix his liter box issue. He loves his new bathroom remodel and we have had no issues. I (behavior advice removed).

He hasn’t had an accident at all after I changed things and he was having an accident every day in our living room by the couch!

Thanks for the help. As I am writing this to you Junior is sitting next to my computer purring while every once in a while testing the law of gravity as he uses his paw to slowly push small objects off onto the floor. He looks over the edge of he table and then looks at me as if to say, “look, it worked again!” It’s one of his favorite games when he’s bored. It must be time to chase a paper wad.
Thanks again and have a good day.