Silvia Koon

Consultations In Person Aren’t Necessary, But They’re More Fun

The cats were still sleeping when Mieshelle arrived at 3:30 in the afternoon. I invited her to come in and we talked for a while. After a short while still no sign of the cats. So we decided to go on a house tour and when we went upstairs the cats awoke from their nap. Pharaoh and Annabelle watched from a distance and Mieshelle approached them calmly and let them sniff her finger. She talked to them in a gentle voice and they did not run away and were not scared at all. I couldn’t believe it; Pharaoh rubbed his face on her hand.

That is very unusual for them, as they generally hide when someone comes to the house. Daphne our youngest never presents a problem, as she likes everyone. As we went downstairs the cats came downstairs with us and Mieshelle played with them and they enjoyed getting petted. She made instant friends. I was so relieved.

I am very particular when it comes to my cats, but Mieshelle put me at ease. What I like about her is her calm manner and her extensive feline behavioral knowledge. She gave me some very good hints. I feel completely comfortable putting my cats in her care.