Sonny and Lynda P. Spring, Texas

Mieshelle, The girls have made real progress in week one! There has been no poop in the dining room since we spoke on 11.25.2011. Actually, I think that it may have stopped when I (behavior advice removed). The following is the list of changes made beginning last Friday (Nov. 25). 1. Cat boxes are (advice removed). 2. Cat food (advice removed). 3. Sprinkled (advice removed). 4. Added 2-3 Tablespoons of (advice removed). 5. Added another (advice removed). 6. Sprinkle (Advice removed) daily. 7. Added some (advice removed). 8. Ordered (advice removed) This week will be the ultimate test. I am leaving for 4 days and Sonny left last Tuesday. They will have their usual pet sitter who comes twice per day. She has the new instructions and will continue in my behalf. Hopefully they will be fine. We will continue to apprise you of their progress in week 2. Thanks for the help. I can’t wait to see how the (advice removed) and (advice removed) affect them. They both seem happier and less aggressive towards each other. Regards, Lynda and Sonny P.