T.J. McLean, Virginia

Cat Behaviorist Report: Urine Spray-marking September 2013 Mieshelle, We have switched (advice removed), and have begun cleaning the previously soiled areas. Once we have successfully cleaned the entire spaces, we will start using (advice removed) those walls where Penny Lane has sprayed. As suggested in our consult, we’ve taken Penny Lane to the vet to check for a possible medical condition, and both her blood and urine cane back in good health. We are still waiting on a urine culture to see if there is any bacteria or evidence of an issue. We have also made sure that Penny gets a (advice removed). We have also begun (advice removed) consumption. There have been no changes to her behavior, but that is good since at the time of our consult Penny had seemingly stopped spraying, and we haven’t noticed any new sprays in the past week. Penny seems to be doing great! We are still considering adding an additional cat to our household, and during our initial consultation we were told some information could be sent along on how to introduce cats successfully. If we could get that information we would appreciate it, since in the past Penny has not gotten along well with feline companions. Taylor McLean, Virginia