Tamara G., Idaho

4 Stars for Moving Cats Across the United States by Car

Just thought you’d like an update on how our two furry girls fared on the 3-day drive to Colorado. They did very, very well. The crate and car training made a huge difference, especially for Roberta, who is blind. By the time we left, she was sleeping in her crate all day/night every day and thought of it as her own personal little house.

And she was very used to the smells and sounds of the car as well. Both cats ate and drank and used the litter box even with the car in motion. By the third day, Robbie (blind one) just hung out in her crate with the door open and used the litter box any time she liked. When hungry or thirsty, she let us know and all was well. So thanks very, very much for all your help. It made a huge difference. If you ever need a recommendation to client, we’d be very happy to give you 4 stars.