Val M. New Zealand

Latest (last report 7/22/2011) from New Zealand! Long term no-Urine marking SUCCESS! Hello Again I have nothing to report. There has been no marking or urinating on the lounge suite. Emmy and Oscar have had vet checks this week and are well and have put on weight and the vets are much happier with them especially Oscar after whatever was going on with him a few months ago. I am back to work and university next week so it will be interesting to see how they react to having less cuddle/play/chat time. I will endeavor to keep the play time up with them on a daily basis. I have a new lounge suite arriving in a couple of weeks so hope there is no adverse reaction to something new in their environment! They have a new (behavior advice removed) they have immediately taken to. That is all for now. Kind regards Val M. Sent from my iPad Subject: Fwd: Val M. update 15/07/2011 Greetings! No marking or urinating or untoward behaviour at all to report. All good. Regards Val Sent from my iPad Subject: Fwd: Val M. update 08/07/2011 Hello, I am very pleased to report that there has been no more marking this week. I’ve had a folded towel draped down a part of the sofa and instead of marking it it is being used as a sleeping place. All appears in reasonable balance. Kind regards Val Sent from my iPad Subject: Fwd: Val M. update 01/07/2011 Good Morning Great week with no marking again. Have found a bunch to nylon stings that someone made for Oscar and Emmy and this is the one prey type toy that gets Emmy excited and engaged in playing with. Oscar will play with anything. So here’s hoping for another week of purrfect behavior. Kind regards Val Sent from my iPad Subject: Fwd: Val M. update 24/06/2011 Greetings. All good news this week with no marking at all. The only difference has been (behavior advice removed). Emmy, who I suspect is the marker, has even taken to sleeping on the towel she used to mark on that was sitting in the place she marks. Oscar and Emmy have been very settled and contented and obviously enjoying having people round all day. Kind regards Val Sent from my iPad