Valerie R., California 2004

A Newly Confident Cat is a Properly Urinating — and More Affectionate — Cat

Hi There!

He has calmed down so much!!! He roams the house during the day when we are here and so far no problems. I have followed all your instructions….in fact Tazzy is sitting right here watching me type this…he is very interested in the computer. You will love this next part…Tazzy goes up and lays down by my husband while he is watching T.V. He would NEVER do that before! He gets lots of love now and seems really happy…

I just love being able to hold and kiss and love Tazzy and he seems to be loving it too!!!

Thanks for checking in…you have been a great help to me at a very stressful time in my life…May God Bless your holidays with good health and merriment!!!