Xenia Carantani Athens, Greece 2008

A Greek Cat Uses the Box for the First Time in Two Years


Monday, October 12th evening appointment with Mieshelle

I immediately (advice removed) as suggested – without making any other changes yet – and Phevos used them for peeing and pooping!

Tuesday, October 13th –

Saw him using the litterboxes for peeing and pooping again! Not sure if he has urinated inappropriately ever since, and during the day while we were away! I think he hasn’t!

Wednesday, October 14th –

Have been (advice removed) and it seems to be working!!! He hasn’t urinated or defecated inappropriately not even once! WOW!

Thursday, October 15th

Still no inappropriate urinating OR defecating. It looks like Phevos is totally indifferent towards approaching the areas affected before.

Friday, October 16th

Same as yesterday!

Saturday October 17th

Still no problems!!! Wwwwwowwwww it’s been 2 years!!!!

Sunday & Monday October 18, 19th

All working fine!!!