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For urine spray-marking, all aggressive issues including new cat integration, excessive vocalization or activity, compulsive PICA, or overgrooming issues


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STEP ONE:  Schedule Your Phone or Video Consultation

Important Update:  The doctor and behaviorist are now scheduling October 19th through November 15th.


•  Choose and pay for your consultation program. After payment, you will be taken to Step 2 and 3 for scheduling and access to the Feline Behavior Questionnaire. You can also call the clinic to pay with credit card and schedule over the phone at 503-267-8888.  You are guaranteed an appointment email within 24 – 48 hours (excluding weekends). If you’re somewhat flexible we can typically schedule you within the week. Our office scheduling hours are 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific time Monday to Friday, but consultations are also conducted on Saturday and Sunday.  Most of our clients schedule their remote consultations with Mieshelle.  Dr. Shultz conducts consultations in-person locally or vet-to vet virtually.

•  Important:  If paying by Paypal below, be sure to click on “back to website” link on your last Paypal payment page.  You will then be taken to Step 2 (scheduling) and Step 3 (Feline Behavior History Questionnaire).

450.00 – 3 Hour/8 week Full Comprehensive Feline Cognition Behavior Wellness Consultation Program includes:

  • Three-hour 8 week program.  Phone or Video Comprehensive Feline Behavior Wellness Consultation Program is suitable for urine spray-marking, all aggression issues, fearful behavior, excessive vocalization, compulsive PICA, or overgrooming issues.
  • A flexible plan allowing you to use three hours of consult time over 8 weeks for ongoing analysis and development of progressive behavior plans.
  • During the consultation process you will receive an in depth behavior analysis and an all-encompassing behavior plan with behavior strategies for your single cat or multi-cat household based on the most recent cat behavior research studies (this includes learning and memory, feline evolutionary biology, and gene-encoded “innate” behavior).
  • The clinic recommends dividing your 3 hours into 2 to 4 consultations depending on the complexity or nature of the behavior issue.
  • Also included in every consultation is a dietary analysis and recommendations based on Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkin’s philosophy of the quintessential Atkins species.

In-person consultations are conducted by Veterinarian Dr. Shultz and Mieshelle with a different fee schedule and are accepted on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact the clinic at 503-267-8888 to learn more.

The Science Behind Successfully Changing Your Cat’s Behavior Long Term

Founder of the “cat behaviorist” specialty and the first cat-only behavior clinic in the United States, Mieshelle Nagelschneider studied animal behavior at Oxford University and animal behavior and animal welfare at the University of Edinburgh (Royal School of Veterinary Studies).  She is the award-winning author of New York Times acclaimed feline behavior science book published in 4 languages by Random House Publishing and National Geographic cat behaviorist for cat behavior  documentaries and published works. Read 274 solved case study reviews and client testimonials.

Gene-encoded Behavior and Why it Matters For Lasting Success for Cat Behavior Issues

Taking into consideration feline evolutionary biology and your cat’s gene encoded behavior (instincts and fixed action patterns) is just one of several components that must be a part of a successful behavior plan that has lasting results.  To achieve this, it’s necessary to work with a cat behaviorist that can effectively apply the sciences of genetics, animal psychology, biology, physiology, learning and memory to effectively correct a cat’s behavior.