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Licensed and Certified, Harvard and Oxford-trained, Doctor and Cat Behaviorist Team 25 Years in Practice Solving Cat Behavior Issues for Thousands of Cats in Over 30 Countries

There is simply no cat behavior problem we have not helped our clients solve many times — or that we cannot help you to solve now.  Our licensed veterinary and cat behaviorist team provide excellent and comprehensive cat behavior care by applying the sciences of genetics, animal psychology, biology, physiology, and feline learning and memory to effectively correct a cat’s behavior – all with a Zoom video call or in-person in select areas.  This is why we have more cat owners purring than anyone (hundreds of testimonials since 1999 here).

Do You Need to Rule Out Health Issues to Receive Behavioral Help for Your Cat? Short Answer – No

You do not need to rule out a health issue with your veterinarian to receive behavior help for your cat and cats that do have chronic health issues can also still be worked with behaviorally. Do we recommend your cat have routine exams by your vet? Yes. In fact, we recommend this occurs once yearly, but there is no reason to postpone behavioral help for your cat (or cats) while waiting for a vet appointment or even if they are found to have a health issue. Medical and behavioral issues can overlap. Chronic urinary health condition cats are not a lost cause and can be helped behaviorally by our team so they will urinate in the litter box 100% of the time. Our experienced behavior team scientifically observes, analyzes, and records animal behavior from a behavioral cognitive, ethological, and feline evolutionary point of view.  We have helped thousands of cat owners for over two decades and in over 30 countries by phone or video solve their cat’s behavior issues. Recipient of the Golden Purr Award for her contribution to cat behavior, you can learn more about Mieshelle’s animal behavior study and experience at Oxford University and Harvard University here. Her 2-time Academy Award-winning cat behavior show, My Cat from Hell, is the most watched cat behavior show in the world with over 1 billion viewers. The clinic is also the newly appointed cat nutrition research and develop experts for the largest cat food company and manufacturer in the world to help cats truly thrive behaviorally and nutritionally.

Cat Urination Issues

A Tabby Kitten using Litter Box | Mieshelle Nagelschneider | Cat Behaviorist

We are the only cat behavior practice specializing in urination and defecation behavioral issues in cats.

Go to: Cat Urination page to learn moreFact: if your cat is under 10 years of age there is a 1% – 5% chance of it having a urinary infection and more likely the issue is behavioral in nature. We have performed several thousand urination consultations in over 30 countries.  Urination issues are by far the number one behavior issues in cats.  Help cats just like yours by becoming part of our study and receive the reduced consult fee (please contact the clinic to start the scheduling process by September 24th). If no one volunteered to participate in our urination studies, there would be no treatment options for you! Cat owners who were fed up with litter box issues helped our research team develop effective therapies for cats.

Cat Defecation Issues

Image of a Curious Tabby Cat Peeping from under a Table | The Cat Behavior Clinic | Mieshelle Nagelschneider | Cat Behaviorist

Defecation is a Specialty Case: The Cat Behavior Clinic Has
Solved Thousands of Defecation Cat Behavior Cases.

  • Go to: Cat Defecation page here: No matter where it’s occurring or for how long, we have worked with thousands of cat owner for over two decades solving this high-level care cat behavior issue. The defecation program is one of our favorite behavior appointments with our clients (we have close to a 100% success rate with all cats we work with – the highest of all behavior issues second to urination).  Help cats just like yours by becoming part of our study and receive the reduced consult fee (please contact the clinic to start the scheduling process by September 24th). If no one volunteered to participate in our defecation studies, there would be no treatment options for you! Cat owners who were fed up with cat defecation outside the litter box helped our research team develop effective therapies for cats. This problem is an unusual one as compared to a urination issue and has been known to perplex most behaviorists.  Our team has lectured nationally and internationally on this issue to veterinarians, shelter workers, and cat advocates from China to Santa Monica.

Vertical Urine Spray-marking

Cropped Image of Two Kittens with Leopard Spots | Cat Behaviorist | Mieshelle Nagelschneider

Do You Have a Bengal that is Urine Spray Marking?
This is a Solvable Cat Behavior Issue.

Inter-cat Aggression

Closeup of Two Cats in a Conflict Over White Background | The Cat Behavior Clinic | Mieshelle Nagelschneider | Cat Behaviorist

One of Our Most Common Cat Behavior Appointments.
Cats Have a Huge Social Repertoire and are Designed to Be Around Other Cats!

  • Aggressive cat behavior with the owner, other cats (or dogs), or people within the household.  There are several types of aggression and you may have more than one type at play.

Excessive or Problematic Vocalization or Activity

Expert Help is Needed with Excessive Vocalization (or Activity) Cat Behavior Cases.

       And also:

  • Fearful cats added into a new home, or reducing generalized anxiety or fear in under socialized or feral cats. We create confident cats.
  • Clawing and other destructive behaviors — stop your cat from scratching the furniture.
  • Other so-called “bad cat behavior”.
  • Last, but not least, along with your vet, we can help your cat get the medical intervention it might need in addition to our behavioral expertise — some behavior problems are caused or exacerbated by pain or illness. Behavior problems caused by pain or illness often persist even after the medical problem is solved, and we’ll tell you when you need a good vet.
  • Read about our Outstanding Clinic Success Rate.
  • Read over 350 solved case studies and clinic testimonials from phone or video consultations.

Learn more about past and current animal behavior studies through Oxford University, The University of Edinburgh – The Royal School of Veterinary Studies, and Mieshelle’s behavior study and experience at Harvard.  Specialized behavior study has helped enable her to solve cat behavior issues for two decades and in over 30 countries.

Cartoon Image of Mieshelle Nagelschneider 2 | Cat Behaviorist

A Founder of the “Cat Behaviorist” Specialty, Mieshelle’s Scholarly Cat Science Book is Used to Certify
Other Cat Behaviorists and Consultants You See Today.

Like most expert cat behaviorists, we are able to achieve full success with you over the phone or by Skype or Zoom video. Learn whyContact The Cat Behavior Clinic to schedule a behavior consultation for your cat (or cats) at 1-503-267-8888.

Cat Behavior Problem:  Training for You and Your Cat

We also help our clients to train their cats in desirable new behaviors and cat behavior modification:

  • Introducing (and re-introducing) new kittens, other cats, other animals, or new people to the household, using a science researched based strategy we call The Nagelschneider Method, a highly effective scientific system for reducing hostility available only from the Clinic’s own behaviorists.
  • Keeping cats off counters and other areas
  • Calming the over-stimulated or fearful cat
  • Feral or semi-feral cat socialization, environment acclimation and training
  • Taking care of kittens

Cat Behavior Problem:  Understanding Your Cat’s Behavior

We can even help you to understand behaviors that many clients think is abnormal, strange, or unusual, and help you interpret what those behaviors mean.

  • What’s normal male cat behavior — and what’s not
  • Cat in heat behavior and female cat behavior in general
  • Cat sexual and mating behavior
  • Pregnant cat behavior
  • Cat licking behavior
  • Cat litter box behavior
  • Cat kneading behavior
  • Feral cat behavior
  • Cat eating behavior
  • Cat nocturnal running behavior
  • Cat behavior by breed
  • Wild cat behavior, for wild cat owners or as a way of understanding domestic cat behavior or wild cat hybrid

Contact The Cat Behavior Clinic to schedule a behavior consultation for your cat (or cats!).  Our team consults with cat owners worldwide from California to Australia.  Our veterinarians perform in-home consultations in the states they are licensed to practice or vet-to-vet consults remotely.

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