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33 Years in Practice and Pioneers of the Cat Behaviorist™ Specialty the Clinic Specializes in the Scientific Research and Management of All Cat Behavior Issues.

Specializing in Chronic and Severe Urination, Defecation, and Aggression Science Researched Therapies: Award-winning Cat Behaviorist™ and Veterinarian Team in Practice 33 Years Helping Thousands of Cat Owners Solve Their Cat’s Aggression, Urination, Defecation, and Vocalization Behavior Issues in Over 30 Countries.

The Clinic Goes Beyond the Obvious Cat Behavior Strategies and Incorporates the Latest Scientific Research

Mieshelle wrote the cat behavior science required curriculum textbook to certify other online cat counselors you see today.  (Photo): 2021 Zoom Video Consultation from Chicago, Illinois to Beijing, China. Award-winning Cat Behavior Science Author Mieshelle has helped over 1 billion cat owners who have watched her new cat behavior show, My Cat From Hell (2021).  She is the only cat behaviorist in China!

With the most watched cat behavior show in the world with over 1 billion viewers and 2 Academy awards, a pioneer of the cat behaviorist™ specialty, Mieshelle Nagelschneider studied animal behavior at Oxford University, and The University of Edinburgh – The Royal School of Veterinary Studies.  Her animal behavior study at Harvard University has enabled her to help thousands of cat owners think more scientifically about their cat’s behavior. She is also the cat scientific nutrition research and development expert for the largest pet food company and manufacturer in the world. The first “cat behaviorist™” practice in the United States, the clinic offers in-home, phone, or video cat behavior consultations. 

Image of a Couple in front if a TV with Mieshelle Nagelschneider 2 | Cat Behaviorist
All Three Cat Behavior Books The Cat Whisperer Mieshelle Nagelschneider | Cat Behaviorist
Mieshelle standing with cat for My Cat from Hell 2 TV Show advertisement | Mieshelle Nagelschneider | Cat Behaviorist |

Mieshelle is a New York Times Acclaimed Award-winning Cat Behavior Science Author (Random House w/co-writer Cameron Powell) with the First Scholarly-cited Cat Behavior Book for Cat Owners.

The clinic has helped thousands of cat owners in over 30 countries for over two decades. Mieshelle is the founder of the clinic, certified cat behaviorist™ and a New York Times acclaimed feline behavior science author (Random House Publishing). We also have two veterinarians (one is Mieshelle’s partner) that perform in-person or vet-to-vet behavior consultations.

In addition to being the founder of The Cat Behavior Clinic, she is also the Scientific Cat Nutrition Research Expert for the largest cat food company and manufacturer in the world. She is also a feline behavior science writer/editor cat expert on the 37 species of tigers and wildcats including the domestic cat and wildcat hybrids for National Geographic documentaries and published works in addition to her own New York Times acclaimed feline science book published by Random House Publishing in 4 languages.  You can watch Mieshelle with Howie Mandel on Animals Doing Things on Nat Geo Wild.

The Cat Behavior Clinic Professional Statement

Innovator of the “Cat Behaviorist™“ specialty, the clinic has always felt that it’s important to offer support to cats and their owners, which has led to our behavior expert’s career as a behaviorist for cats.  It allows them to help cats and their owners every day.  In providing care, Mieshelle says her primary goal is to “partner with cat owners so that they feel empowered to manage their cat’s behavioral health effectively.”  Cats are still the most misunderstood companion animal putting them at the greatest risk.  Even with the increase in cat popularity making them the most common household pet, they are considerably underserved when it comes to behavior help.  Mieshelle’s partner, who is a veterinarian, says there is definitely a large void in general veterinary medicine when it comes to behavior care for both cats and dogs.

Licensed, Experienced Veterinarians and Cat Behaviorist™, We Have More Cat Owners Purring Than Anyone (Read Hundreds of Testimonials). Join our Long List of Cat Owners Who No Longer Have Cat Behavior Issues in Over 30 Countries.

Mieshelle standing in front of Gambol Research and Development Center sign | Mieshelle Nagelschneider | Cat Behaviorist |
Cat Behaviorist Mieshelle Nagelschneider on The Hallmark Channels Home & Family | Cat Behaviorist

Arm & Hammer Spokesperson and Cat Expert Mieshelle Sharing the Latest Scientific Research on Litter and Litter Box Strategies on the Hallmark Channel with Susan Lucci.

Three Women and a Man working on Four Cats 2 | Mieshelle Nagelschneider | Cat Behaviorist

Recipient of the “Gold Purr Award” and the “2020 Business Award for Exemplary Businesses and People in the Field of Animal Behavior”.

To Solve Cat Behavior Issues the Clinic Goes Beyond the Obvious Feline Behavior Strategies and Incorporates the Latest Scientific Research

Mieshelle on TV talk show discussing her book "The Cat Whisperer" | Mieshelle Nagelschneider | Cat Behaviorist |

New York Times Acclaimed Feline Science Author Mieshelle In The Philippines
Elevating the Status of the Cat (2012)

Image of Mieshelle Nagelschneider with a kitten | Cat Behaviorist | Cat Whisperer
Cat Behaviorist Mieshelle international cat behavior expert for Whiskas

Mars Whiska’s International Cat Expert Mieshelle on 10-Day Cat Media Tour in Australia to Help Increase the Popularity of the Cat and Dispel Common Cat Myths.

The clinic has changed thousands of cat’s lives worldwide by not only improving their behavior, but also by elevating the status of the most misunderstood companion animal, the cat.  Mieshelle has been the guest behavior lecturer, key note speaker, and cat advocate Best Friends Animal Society, International Humane Society and SPCA behavior conventions educating hundreds of veterinarians, shelter workers, and cat owners on behavior issues in cats to improve their lives and those of their owners, too.  In addition to Mieshelle’s remote phone or video consultations, veterinarian Dr. Jim Shultz has been a private practice and mobile service veterinarian for small animals and conducts cat behavior consultations locally or consulting vet-to vet service remotely by video/phone.

“Literally our problem seems to be solved “overnight” and we are very optimistic that this will stay: we even see her using the cat litter box; she buries her urine, and seems to be very comfortable.  This is unbelievable, Mieshelle.  We are very thankful for your precious help and knowledge.” – Best regards, Andrea & David M. Chicago, Illinois.

New York Times Acclaimed Feline Behavior Science Author, Cat Welfarist, Spokesperson and International Cat Advocate. Mieshelle Nagelschneider has conducted several thousand cat behavior consultations for 28 years around the world (in over 30 countries) and is referred by, worked with, and trained veterinarians, cat shelters, and even wild-cat sanctuaries from England to North America to the Philippines.  She has also performed much needed cat studies for Hammacher Schlemmer on advanced litter box technologies and perching and resting areas for cats as well as been a spokesperson and Cat Behavior Expert for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Whiskas, Arm & Hammer and Comfort Zone nationally and international including media tours around the globe to improve the status of the companion animal at the greatest risk, the cat.

“The reason people are so mesmerized by house cats is because they are truly miniature versions of lions, tigers, and leopards. In her book The Cat Whisperer, Mieshelle Nagelschneider explains the behavior of the house cat in an unprecedented and most accessible way, offering unique insight into the often misunderstood companion animal that is as wild as we have become civilized.”—Jordan Carlton Schaul, Ph.D., contributing editor, National Geographic, and curator, Orange County Zoo

Cat Behaviorist™ Mieshelle has earned her reputation as a pillar in the cat behavior specialty.  In addition to solving behavior issues around the world, she has also improved the status of the cat in countries like the UAE, the Philippines, Costa Rica, Canada, and Australia.  In addition to being a New York Times acclaimed feline behavior science author (Random House) solving cat behavior issues for over two decades, Mieshelle founded The Cat Behavior Clinic in 1999 and has continued making creative and innovative advances in cat behavior including a several year study on the social well being of cats being housed together.  Learn more about our outstanding 95% Clinic Success Rate.  

Cat Whisperer Mieshelle Nagelschneider with Hillary R Clinton | Cat Behaviorist

Mieshelle Visited the Capitol Lobbying for an Anti-declaw Law for Cats and Spoke with Hillary Clinton on the Importance of Welfare for Cats in 2015 (see also The Paw

The Cat Whisperer Book Cover | Mieshelle Nagelschneider | Cat Behaviorist

Award-winning, Random House Publishing, The Cat Whisperer. Acclaimed New York Times Feline Science Writer (with co-writer Cameron Powell).

Featured in the New York Times and Known as the Founder of the Cat Behavior Specialty (Inner Lives of Cats author Thomas McNamee)

And among the clients who follow her advice, including her proprietary C.A.T. Plan™, her success rate is 95% or better and close to 100% for the most common cat behavior issues. Read our clients’ success stories and see why the Clinic is a smart choice for stopping all behavior problems now and future ones from occurring (very important!). You can also read Mieshelle’s charming story of how she became a lover and observer of animals, nearly 40 years ago, in her Life Among the Animals (excerpt from her cat behavior book — Random House Publishing with co-writer Cameron Powell).  Her cat behavior science book is required curriculum coursework for a number of animal behavior certifying organizations.

Mieshelle can solve your cat’s behavior issues with a behavior plan designed for your cat(s) that include the latest scientific research and advanced techniques (found only here) that have helped thousands of cats and their owners.  Litter box elimination issues, urine marking, excessive meowing, inter-cat social and aggression issues, are her specialty. The veterinarian also conducts consultations locally for all behavior issues.

Image of Mieshelle Nagelschneider Cat Whisperer Modern Cat Magazine 2013 | Cat Behaviorist

Cat Whisperer Interview for Modern Cat Magazine (2010)

Cat Behaviorist™ Mieshelle is also known for solving cat behavior issues around the world that are deemed “unfixable”.  From Chicago, New York, Florida, Washington, Texas and all the way to Japan.  She is also the first cat behaviorist™ in China where she hosts the first cat behavior show, My Cat From Hell, Discovery Channel China with 1 billion viewers.

Tabby Cat held by a Veterinarian in The Cat Behavior Clinic | Mieshelle Nagelschneider | Cat Behaviorist

A Cat Patient with our Veterinarian Dr. Jim Shultz.

Mieshelle was one of the first cat-only behavior specialist members of the Animal Behavior Society, International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, and Cat Behavior Counselors.  Her scholarly-cited cat behavior science book is required text for a number of certifying organization for budding cat behavior counselors.  She has studied cat behavior for decades, and she continually keeps abreast of and takes part in observational studies on cats which has enabled her to provide behavior plans and techniques that have given proven results.  See 350 solved case studies and client testimonials

One very crucial component in treating some cat behavior issues is ongoing help after the initial consultation.  Because appropriate and sound behavior advice for a specific cat is not one-size-fits-all, continued correspondence with your behaviorist is possible at The Cat Behavior Clinic.

Mieshelle is a popular resource for many cat-only veterinary practices nationwide, many wild cat sanctuaries, and countless animal shelters needing expert advice on feline behavior, which she will often donate her time to.  Mieshelle has worked professionally with thousands of domestic house cats, wild, and feral cats. She is referred by many vets nationwide for her remote behavioral consulting.

Formally educated in animal welfare, Mieshelle donates her time around the world advocating for cats and their welfare.  Mieshelle visited the capital and recently testified along with The Paw Project team on the anti-declaw bill to end cat declawing.  She spoke at great length to urge lawmakers to ban declawing.  She is also an active supporter of the new anti-declaw film, The Paw Project, by veterinarian Jenny Conrad and has been a guest speaker at their lectures.

Featured in The New York Times and a best-seller on Amazon, Mieshelle’s breakthrough science-based book on her C.A.T. Plan system for solving and even preventing all feline behavior problems, The Cat Whisperer (Random House Publishing with co-author Cameron Powell), is available online or in bookstores now!

As an International Cat Behavior Expert for:  Whiskas, Arm & Hammer Cat Litter, and Comfort Zone, and cat welfarist for the SPCA in Australia to cats in the Philippines at The International Cat Association as The Cat Whisperer™, she has saved thousands of cats’ lives directly and indirectly through her lifetime of cat behavior work.  Along with Best Friend’s Animal Society and Stray Cat Alliance in L.A. as a welfarist for cats and as their guest speaker, The Cat Whisperer™, Mieshelle has educated cat owners on cat behavior issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

All cat behavior solutions must take into consideration feline instincts and their evolutionary biology. The clinic has exclusive rights to Mieshelle Nagelschneider’s proprietary Cat Whisperer™ consulting, easy-to-implement C.A.T. Plan™ positive behavior modification, the most effective, comprehensive, and up-to-date system for curing any cat behavior problem.

Because every cat and environment is different, the plan allows for customized behavior techniques and environmental changes when needed – because cat behavior is not one-size-fits-all. Mieshelle has spent 20 years developing a method so effective that when clients follow it, their success rate is well over 90% (even higher for the most common issues).

Her science-based cat behavior book, The Cat Whisperer, has been featured in the New York Times and a best-seller on Amazon and published in 4 languages (Random House Publishing with co-writer Cameron Powell).

For cat behaviorists seeking certification, her book is a required curriculum by a number of cat behaviorist certifying organizations.

Love is born of mystery, and our cats are mysterious and loved in equal measure. But sometimes the greatest blessing of all is a bit of light thrown into a dark place. Mieshelle Nagelschneider holds that light. Allow her to share it with you.”– Gwen Cooper Author, Homer’s Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, of Life With a Blind Wonder Cat (Random House), New York, NY

Veterinarian: “Over the course of many years, Mieshelle has developed and refined her unique ability to think like a cat. On numerous occasions I have witnessed the life-changing benefits Mieshelle’s techniques can bring to cats and their sometimes very frustrated owners.” – Veterinarian, Dr. James R. Shultz DVM, Portland, Oregon

Cat Behavior Veterinarian Referral from Dr. Lisa Berger DVM: “Despite all the disruptions, there have been no incidents of urination on the bed or the couch, and neither have been covered by plastic all week!” – Juanita H. Portland, Oregon

You have the African wildcat, your domestic cat’s ancestor, to thank for many of your cat’s “unwanted” cat behaviors. Learn more about this during your consultation to better understand and help your cat and solve its behavior issues. We often misunderstand cat behaviors. Once cat owners understand their cat instincts and biology, they can better understand why the behavior strategies work so well and can better apply them.

Mieshelle The Cat Whisperer™ has been the spokesperson and cat behavior expert for Comfort Zone, Arm & Hammer Cat Litter, and Cat Expert for Whiska’s International Media Tour Australia. Her cat behavior expertise is seen in the New York Times, The Today Show, NBC Dateline, MTV, Animal Planet, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, The Hallmark Channel, Modern Cat Magazine, Parade, Reader’s Digest, Cat Fancy Magazine, The New York Post, The Boston Globe, USA Today, This Wild Life, The Divine Cat, Real Simple Magazine,, Petside, Freekibblekat, The Toronto Star, Canada Globe and Mail, Animal Rescue Site, The Daily Cat, Feline Wellness Magazine, Advisory Council, This Wild Life, The Cat Channel, Pets Magazine, The Circle, New Republic, The Sunrise Show,, Herald Sun, Toronto Star, and countless others. See our Media Room below for the latest.

Feline behavior therapy is very different from canine behavior therapy and the approach to changing a cat’s behavior is even more unique. Cats do not display obedience problems like dogs. The help you need is not focused on physical or verbal behavior modification strategies, like dog training with a dog trainer present. All cat behaviorists conduct consultations by phone or video via Skype. Our behavior plans are specific to cats and still allow for the natural feline instincts, but when and where you want them displayed. We will cover the behavior plan during the phone or video consultation and offer follow-up over the course of several weeks for all of our consultation programs.

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World-renowned Oxford-trained Cat Behaviorist Mieshelle Nagelschneider, The Cat Whisperer™️